We Must Be Accepted

This striking masterpiece struck the Art-Critique as being a post-modern hommage to Catullus' "Odi et Amo". Transcending above this tribute however, it has become an improvement only comparible in beauty to the entire Universe as a Whole.
Never before have two artists put so delicately their finger on the cross-section of all emotions. "You need to accept us," is spoken softly as the slightest whimper, followed by a brusque: "...But only for what we are."
And what are they?
No one knows, not one will succesfully guess even after an eternity of dwelling in the realm of this sacred picture.
They are manufacturars of Wonder, gosh darnit, that's what they are.

"De Tweeslachtigheid snijdt zo hout als een transseksueel," said Kippfest (in Dutch, no proper translation available)

Ja, Lachen He (Yes, Laugh, Isn't it?)

*Snap* Got you focussed, didn't it? These artists can do that like no other. Almost instantly we can see pain, wickedness, anger, and an ironic wink all enclosed in a simple smile. If the Mona Lisa was beautiful because of the mysterious smile, this is all the more beautiful because of the lack of mystery: something is understood here. And we get it. Now that's art.

"My snor shimmers it's cool," said Kippfest with his funny way of using newly invented nonsense-words.


Boxed In

Hurts, doesn't it? Remember the feeling. It will be yours when you realise. They did - it shows. That's why you feel the pain.

"It sucks balls," said Kippfest, showing
his world of pain.

  Artist Holding Pen

A surreal vision is no strange vision to Kippfest and Marhime (remember when they threw the fish and Kippfest called out "Vision"?) and how subtle, gentle do they handle it! Rather than indulging themselves in transferring psychedelic flashes to a brain-shattered audience they lets you go through the looking glass.
"Where's the pen? Am I supposed to trust them on this? Is the trust itself the artwork... Can I look from another angle to see if he's holding it? Like looking in a mirror and wondering if what you see in there is a real world too...a world of trust, of visualising human emotions, and...Hey! Whaddayaknow! My perception of the art-piece has made it surreal! I, as an audience, am the artwork!"

What an artists. To mold and craft your audience, is to be the greatest of them all.

"Yeah I kinda rule and I said Fishion cause it's a wordgrap" said Kippfest.
  A Catchy Name

A lot of fans thought Kippfest and Marhime gave in to consumerism with this, one must say, rather marketable piece of art. Simple, a catchy name: yes, the execution of this ironic criticism was flawless. "Ironic criticism?"
You may sigh relieved; that's what it was all along.

"Yes I don't know what the hell you're on about," said Kippfest, never fully acknowleding the ideas behind their artwork.


No work of art ever diversified opinions like this one did. To this date, people continue fighting over the true meaning of this piece.
Some say: "He's right! We've become nothing short of a nation of milk-slobbering babies!"

"He's wrong!" others shout.
"You're all wrong! He's telling us to stop whining and do what's right!"
"No no nono, he says: 'Do what you LIKE' no matter what everybody else is saying."
"Are you all stupid? He says it's allright to kill jews."
Yes, even now, opinions are as divided as all men are divided. By everything.

Division... Maybe that's what the artist meant.

"It's about milk," said Kippfest, only partly explaining the complexities of this centre-piece of Kippfest and Marhime's ouvre.


Copyright bij de geniale Kippfest en Marhime. Ja mensen, alles wat je nodig hebt is een kek brilletje, een baard, een glas melk en een mafketel in een papieren zak (C)2004